Woe and Whipped Cream with violet glass eyes.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fashions for Sale

Welcome to my blog! I design and sew doll fashions for Ellowyne Wilde and other dolls around 16", Vintage Cissy, Modern Cissy, Miss Revlon, Dollikin, Toni/Sweet Sue Sophisticate, Madame Alexander Portraits, and other dolls that are around 20" in height. I can sew for dolls that are not listed if I have their measurements. Evening gowns and cocktail dresses are my favorites to sew, but I can also sew day wear. My fashions are lined with finished seams and snap closures. I do not like velcro on doll clothing. I sell most of my fashions on eBay, but I will also take orders. I charge around $30 for long gowns, $25 for cocktail dresses, and $2o for daywear. Please take a look at my doll fashion pages. Most fabrics will have to be substituted, since I only buy in small amounts.

Here is a link to my for sale page on eBay:


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Essential Brunette, Too with 14mm violet glass eyes. This is one size larger that the 12mm eyes that I normally use.

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Invisible Ink with Amber Glass Eyes

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